ScaddenFamily January 2008

Other January 2008 events:    Pinewood Derby

 For the first time in three years, we saw snow in Atlanta!


 That is our trampoline under the blanket of white. 

Chandler actually didn't mind the cold.   He would come in for a while, warm up, and then ask to be sent outside again

Kenna's favorite part was running around, throwing snowballs at others but not getting hit herself.

Taylor was too lazy to go inside for a drink, especially when all he had to do was open his mouth.

We were lucky to see Tanner with his coat on in this picture.  For the most part he ran around with his short sleeve Ambercrombie shirt on.

You can feel the cold by looking at Carter's face

Neighborhoodkids worked together to build a snowman

Brenna tries her hand at snowboarding with a garbage bag.  The next second all she could see was white and all she could feel was cold.